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A logo of Sony Corp is pictured at an electronic store in Tokyo May 14, 2014. Reuters/Toru Hanai

Many speculations have been reported that Apple will be releasing a large-screen iPad Pro by early next year and Sony appears to be the latest major player to enter the bandwagon of bigger tablets. Based on Tech Spot's report, the rumoured 12.9-inch device might be sporting a display with 3840x2400 pixels which is capable of projecting images with 4K content.

Reports do not reveal a possible name for Sony's next tablet but speculations say that it might be equipped with an 8-megapixel rear-facing camera manufactured by Pegatron, which happens to be an Apple supplier. Sony's tab is a bit thicker at 8.6mm compared to the iPad Air 2 which is just 6.1mm thick while the classic iPad Air is 7.5mm thick. However, it is still not confirmed if Apple's rumoured iPad Pro will sport a thicker form factor.

Meanwhile, Forbes has released a report on the other major players that have released its own large-screened tablets which Sony will be facing once it has released its own 12.9-incher. HP has just recently updated its line-up of 13-inchers with the HP 13-inch Windows tablets which are also dubbed as "detachables" since it can be plugged and unplugged into a keyboard base.

On the other hand, Samsung also launched this year the 12.2-inch Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 which uses Android as its platform and has an impressive 2560x1600 pixel display. The 1.6-pound tablet is also equipped with an octa-core processor plus 3GB of RAM and comes with an optional keyboard. While, Microsoft has also its 12-inch Surface Pro 3 which sports an equally impressive 2160x1440 display and is powered by Intel Core i7.

Finally, reports say that Sony's rumoured tablet might launch at an entry-level price of more than $1000. With the given speculative price, the tablet could really be high-end and the company might be looking at the market's upper bracket. Currently, rival tablets with larger screens are also quite expensive. The 13-inch Windows tablet by HP costs $650 while the Galaxy Tab Pro starts at $500 and the Surface Pro 3 sells at $800.

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