The new firmware update for the console brings new features and enhancements. PlayStation

Australia is about to witness a price drop for the PS4. Sony has finally decreased the price of the 500GB model by AU$70. From the AU$549.95 retail price, the PS4 will now only cost AU$479.95 including GST, just in time for the holidays.

Sony’s version 3 update for the console introduced many new feature including an events application and, most importantly, the ability to stream YouTube directly from the console. The new update weighed 250MB and also added user interface enhancements, as stated in the official PlayStation 4 Blog page. It also facilitates better ways of connecting with other players throughout the globe. The update also introduces the ability to save game screenshots in the PNG extension.

The price drop does not affect the 1TB PS4 model which retails for AU$549.95. Also, Sony Computer Entertainment Australia announced the launch of an AnimeLab app for both the PlayStation 3 and Playstation 4, reported Gamespot.

As the name implies, PS4 owners can use AnimeLab to stream anime series and simulcasts from Japan straight to the console. AnimeLab is available for free through the PlayStation Network. The company has also decided to increase online storage capacity for PlayStation Plus members from 1GB to 10GB. The console manufacturer also included the ability to share 10 second videos to twitter directly from the PS4.

The PlayStation 4 bagged the lead as the top-selling console in the United States for the month of September. The console has maintained its place for the last five months. Also, four of the PS4 titles in the top 10 games list in terms of sales were from Sony’s console.

PS4 Firmware 3.0 Features (YouTube/IGN News)

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