“Sons of Anarchy,” or “SOA,” creator Kurt Sutter has reportedly confirmed his plans to make a spinoff of the hit FX series. However, Sutter himself has remained mum on specific details as the show is believed to be in its very early stages of development.

Entertainment Weekly, or EW, reports that the “Sons of Anarchy” spinoff will be set in the Northern California motorcycle club scene. It’s believed the new series will follow the story of the Mayans, an Oakland-based Hispanic biker gang which was featured in previous episodes of “Sons of Anarchy.”

Over the course of the seven seasons for “SOA,” the Mayans were revealed to run heroin factories and they were also involved in prostitution. They were considered as the rival to the California biker gang called SAMCRO and operated under the codename “Los Asesinos de Dios” or “Assassins of God."

Further details to the reported spinoff are scarce. Sutter, who graces the current cover of The Hollywood Reporter, has yet to reveal whether it will be a prequel or a sequel.

On his cover interview for the magazine, Sutter says he is still looking for a screenwriter to pen the “Sons of Anarchy” spinoff. He also kept mum on details as the spinoff is believed to be in the preliminary development process over at its home studio in FX Productions. However, he is expected to still executive produce the yet untitled project, which will also be produced by Fox 21 Television Studios.

EW claims the creator has always been open to the idea of making a “Sons of Anarchy” prequel. He reportedly revealed his interest in creating a limited series out of the prequel during last month’s San Diego Comic-Con.

Cinema Blend adds that Sutter mentioned wanting to create a prequel during a Q&A for “Sons of Anarchy” at last year’s San Diego Comic-Con. He had initially not considered having a spinoff since it reportedly only applies to procedural-type dramas unlike “SOA.”

Sutter also told The Hollywood Reporter that he wants to try his hand at directing and writing for films and not just television series. He mentioned a script that he’s working on titled “Delivering Gen,” which talks about the love story between a junkie and a hitman. He said he’s planning on getting “Sons of Anarchy” star Charlie Hunnam for the lead role.

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