'Sons of Anarchy' Actor Glenn Plummer Broke, Cannot Move Out Even After Divorce with DeMonica Santiago-Plummer

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Glenn Plummer cannot take being away from wife, even if they already gotten the divorce proceedings settled. Somebody does not get how awkward such a situation could be. Or, someone is too broke to care.

The "Sons of Anarchy" actor refuses to leave the house he and his wife share even if they their divorce is final, TMZ reports. On Saturday, the celebrity news site claimed that Glenn Plummer does not mind living under one roof with, DeMonica Santiago-Plummer, the woman he shared a better part of his life and the woman he is set to leave for good. The remarkable thing about this is that DeMonica actually thinks the arrangement as logical.TMZ reports that under the arrangement, Glenn is allowed live in the house without rent as long as DeMonica gets the title of the property. In the meantime, he's not even obligated to pay child support. Eventually of course, the deal is for him to look for another place to live. Talk about being understanding.  The understanding is the "Showgirls" actor can still live in the house and spend time with his family until January.

The divorce may be final, but like their marriage, this seems like a sham in their neighbours' eyes. According to the Examiner, the neighbours will surely be confused to see Plummer and his family still together at one place even though they know they are already divorced.  TMZ reports that it was DeMonica Santiago-Plummer who filed for the divorce years ago, but it only got finalised last month.  Now that he does not have to worry about rent for the next six months, Glenn must save up already. DeMonica shares to TMZ that the child support issue will still be revisited after January and Glenn is naturally going to have to pay.

All is well and good for the now divorced couple but the Examiner reports that the arrangement was only established because Plummer is embroiled in a financial crisis. He cannot afford to move out, let alone give child support. The Examiner also claims that DeMonica is adamant to have full custody of the children at first, but is now willing to wait until January or until child support comes in.

The Examiner reports that DeMonica is now all smiles now that the divorce proceedings are finally over. The process has taken more than a year and it took a toll on everyone involved.  Examiner claims that in DeMonica's Twitter account, she have expressed her desire to work on her music again. She was once a member of The Good Girls group but branched out on her own. Now,  she could not wait to collaborate with them again, the Examiner reports. With child support not yet forthcoming, she has to work harder to earn some income, Examiner added.