A worker watches a sea plane as it passes overhead as he stands atop of the Sydney Opera House on a sunny day November 14, 2013. Reuters/David Gray

Australia Day's plane crash victim Endah Cakrawati's last text message for her father has been revealed by one of her best friends, Sulistianing Dian Ratnasari. Cakrawati died with her pilot husband Peter Lynch in the 1948 Grumman G-73 Mallard seaplane that crashed into the Swan River.

Ratnasari told that Cakrawati's last message was "Papa, how are you?" The victim's father replied but she was not able to answer. She also sent two video messages to her brother the night before the incident. The first video was Cakrawati enjoying games while the second video was a message saying goodbye to her parents and brother. She has extended her care to a friend who was sick in Indonesia by sending shoes, hats and shirts. Cakrawati's family and friends could not believe the tragic incident that happened to her.

Cakrawati was popular in her country as 2008 Miss Indonesia finalist. Apart from being a beauty queen, she had several careers such as presenter, model, singer and brand ambassador in Indonesia. Despite her popularity, Ratnasari said that she would remember Cakrawati as very friendly, intelligent, beautiful and multitalented person. She also bid farewell to her beloved friend. has revealed that Cakrawati has video footages of the events on the plane before the plane crash. In the video, she is smiling and chatting about the flight. She said that they were ready to go for Skyworks and greeted her Instagram followers "Happy Australia Day." The video also captured the plane's propeller starting up, then she flips the camera to selfie mode. She said wish me luck before signing off.

The fatal crash was believed to happen soon after she signed off. The accident was witnessed by 60,000 witnesses and some witnesses captured it and posted on social media. Witness Mark Annette-Stuart said that the plane seemed to be banking and it was turning too sharp.

Acting Commissioner Stephen Brown also saw that the plane crashed, which had broken at least in two significant parts. He said that the plane was sinking very quickly in the water. Two water police boats and private citizen boats were on the scene within three minutes after the crash to rescue the victims. However, the couple did not survive due to the impact.

Brown said that they are trying to know the reason behind the plane crash. The investigation could take up to 12 months to complete according to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau but a preliminary update is expected within 30 days.