Former South Korean "comfort woman" Lee Ok-sun, who is a Roman Catholic, holds her crucifix in her room at the "House of Sharing," a special shelter for former "comfort women," in Gwangju, South Korea, July 24, 2015. Reuters/Kim Kyung-Hoon

A shocking rape footage has emerged that shows a group of four minors playing rock-paper-scissors to decide who will rape a 15-year-old girl from East China’s Shandong Province first.

Shocking reports surfaced from China where the teenage girl was raped by at least five men that included the four minors. The girl was tricked into going to a Zaozhuang City hotel where the heinous crime occurred.

The adult member of the rape gang allegedly devised the rape plan. The rapists can be charged with various degrees of rape and harassment. The incident that reportedly occurred February was captured by surveillance cameras.

The footage shows four men standing in a hotel hallway playing rock-paper-scissors to allegedly decide who would have the girl first and rape her. Photos of the security footage showing the four minors in the hotel hallway, playing the hand game, appeared in local media when they were arrested.

Apparently, the 15-year-old victim was friend to one of the minors who set up a false date at the hotel and brought her there when the others joined him. Investigations are still ongoing, though the five suspects have been arrested after the victim and her family reported the incident.

The most disturbing footage shows the young men make their way to the hotel room where the unsuspecting girl is allegedly in. The gang huddle together before taking part in the childish game and then march into the room.

According to Shanghaiist, the police believe that the rape occurred on Feb. 21.

Watch teenage boys rape girl after game of rock, paper, scissors here.

Source: YouTube/Smile