Small figurines from the She-Ra cartoons are shown on display during opening day of pop culture convention Comic Con in San Diego, California, U.S. July 19, 2018. Reuters/Mike Blake

The first trailer of the upcoming animation TV series “She-Ra and the Princesses of Power” has been released online. The video teases the first time Adora (Voice by Aimee Carrero) takes the magic sword and transforms into a superhero.

The new animation series has kept the origin story of Adora intact. She grew up with the evil Horde. On the show the fans will find the character has left the Horde and is on a new path when she discovers her destiny.

The first trailer of the TV series [see below] shows a voice calling Adora, leading her to a place in a forest. Stuck in the middle of some tree roots there is a magic sword that Adora can use to become She-Ra, a superhero with enormous powers.

The video teases the look of Adora, who can be seen in blue trousers, a red jacket, and boots. When she transforms into She-Ra she gets a white medieval outfit, complete with a golden headpiece.

“For the honour of Grayskull” is the catch phrase she will use to transform. Fans of the franchise will remember that He-Man uses the catch phrase “By the power of Grayskull...I have the power.”

The plot of the TV series will show how She-Ra will find a new family and purpose after she teams up with the Rebellion to fight against evil. She will unite a group of magical princesses in this fight.

The characters in the TV series include Modulok (Voice by Joe Amato), Scorpia (voice by Lauren Ash), Hordak (voice by Keston John), Frosta (voice by Merit Leighton), Netossa (Kyrstal Joy Brown), Seahawk (voice by Jordan Fosher), Kyle (voice by Antony Del Rio), Glimmer (voice by Karen Fukuhara), Perfuma (Genesis Rodriguez), Entrapta (voice by Christine Woods), Shadow Weaver (oice by Lorraine Toussaint), and Queen Angela (voice by Reshma Shetty).

Credit: DreamWorks TV/ YouTube