Sharon Stone On Infamous ‘Basic Instinct’ Interrogation Scene: I Slapped The Director [VIDEOS]

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Sharon Stone slapped the director of “Basic Instinct” when she saw her infamous legs-crossing scene in the 1992 film for the first time. The 55-year-old Golden Globe Award-winning actress was so stunned to learn that her nude crotch was visible in the infamous shot that she couldn’t contain her anger at director Paul Verhoeven.

If there’s only one scene that “Basic Instinct” can be remembered for, it’s the one where Sharon’s character, Catherine Tramell, re-crossed her legs while sitting in an interrogation room, thereby revealing her underwear-less crotch in front of the detectives.

More than two decades after the blockbuster erotic thriller was first played in theatres, its controversial interrogation scene is still one of the most talked about shots in a film.

So when Sharon guest starred in the U.S. talk show “The Talk” on Monday, it was still the scene that she was asked about.

“When we did it, obviously it was going to be an ‘innuendo,’ and the director said, ‘we can see the white of your underwear, I need you to take them off,’” she told hosts Sharon Osbourne, Sheryl Underwood, Sara Gilbert, Aisha Tyler, and Julie Chen.

The actress was reluctant to take off her underwear at first, but she did so anyway after he assured her that her crotch wouldn’t be seen in the shot.

After shooting the scene, she watched it on the monitor. However, since high-definition video technology still wasn’t available at that time, Sharon couldn’t see if she was showing off more than she had liked.

She found out that she had indeed exposed her crotch when she watched the film along with a bunch of other people in the theatre. She was not only shocked, she was also furious.

“When the film ended, I went into the booth and slapped him,” Sharon recalled. “I was like, ‘You could have shown me this by myself.’”

But while she was livid, she also understood that importance of the scene, admitting that she still would have kept it in the film if it were up to her.

“Honestly, it’s so right for the movie and it’s so right for the character, and if I have gotten that even by accident, I would have had the courtesy of showing it to my actor. But I would have kept it in the movie.”

Sharon talks about the interrogation scene:

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