Former Disney child star Selena Gomez is done with ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber. According to a story reported by, the "Come and Get it" singer was disgusted by Justin's various rendezvous partying week in Brazil and Argentina.

The story said that the singer was 'disgusted' by Justin's hiring of women in order to have a good time. You can read the full story here: Selena Gomez Is 'Disgusted' By Justin Bieber's Stripper Parties was able to gather a 'source' who allegedly told the site about how Gomez felt about Justin spending almost ten thousand dollars for strippers. According to the source, Selena Gomez is happy to be out of a relationship with Bieber. She just 'hates' the person that Bieber is turning into. The source also says that Bieber may be doing this to get Selena back:

"Selena has heard all about his party with all the naked girls, and add that to the hooker incident in Brazil and she just hates the guy Justin has become. He is trying to be super cool to his friends and has gone into a tailspin that Selena hates to see, But her overall thoughts are, that's what he gets for messing up what he had with her."

Even though this may seem like a long shot for Bieber to win Selena back after his party weekend with strippers and 'other' women was seen on various social networking sites, sources say that Gomez does feel a little sad for Bieber.

"Selena is disgusted with the way Justin has been acting - or rather, acting out! She thinks Justin is a time bomb waiting to explode. She saw it coming and is relieved that she's out of the relationship, but also she's very sad for him. Very sad, Selena thinks Justin has just spiraled out of control and so has his ego, This is no longer just about teenager experimenting with life."

Good thing Selena decided to get out of the relationship before she and Bieber are dubbed the next Chris Brown and Rihanna.