Madonna and Sean Penn have sided together to fight the $10 million (AU $14 million) defamation lawsuit that Penn filed against “Empire” creator Lee Daniels in September. Madonna has publicly defended Penn stating that the actor, during their marriage from 1985-1989, never abused her in any manner. She refuted decades-long rumours that Sean Penn beat, abused, tied up or struck Madonna with a baseball bat. She even counter-attacked the domestic violence comparison that Daniels had made between Penn and “Empire” star Terrence Howard that led to Penn filing the lawsuit.

According to USA Today, Madonna’s statements were submitted recently in an addendum to the “Sean Penn lawsuit.” Madonna added that she is very much aware of the allegations concerning an incident that occurred in June 1987. She said that tabloid reports had falsely reported that Penn had struck her with a baseball bat and that she considers these claims to be false, reckless, malicious and outrageous.

“While we certainly had more than one heated argument during our marriage, Sean has never struck me, 'tied me up,' or physically assaulted me,” Madonna said in the sworn statement. On Thursday, Penn filed an amended complaint in his original defamation lawsuit.

The entire fiasco came to light when Daniels, while speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, drew a comparison between Penn and Howard, speaking about Howard’s legal troubles. Howard is also facing a lawsuit filed by ex-wife Michelle Howard. She has alleged the actor beat her in 2013. The comparison enraged Penn and he in turn filed a lawsuit against Daniels. Penn mentioned in his original statement that he is no longer ready to tolerate allegations of past violence against women.

“[Terrence] ain't done nothing different than Marlon Brando or Sean Penn, and all of a sudden he's some f—in' demon. That's a sign of the time, of race, of where we are right now in America,” Daniels had said in the statement, writes

Penn has never been convicted or arrested for domestic violence and Madonna has confirmed and attested that. Last year, Penn had visited many of Madonna’s concerts.

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