Various logos of the different cable channels from the MTV Networks  are pictured at the Cable Television Critics Association press tour  in Pasadena, California July 13, 2006.
Various logos of the different cable channels from the MTV Networks are pictured at the Cable Television Critics Association press tour. in Pasadena, California July 13, 2006. The channels vary from MTV, Nickelodeon to Country Music Television. Photograph taken July 13, 2006. Reuters/Fred Prouser

Seth Branson, played by Bobby Campo, and Kieran Wilcox, played by Amadeus Serafini, are the characters speculated to be the Ghostface killers in “Scream: The TV Series” Season 1. However, the MTV series’ finale episode titled “Revelations” finally exposed that the Ghostface killers in Lakewood are female characters.

Goodbye Sheriff Hudson. “Scream: The TV Series” character Sheriff Clark Hudson, played by Jason Wiles, is the Ghostface killer’s main victim in the finale episode titled “Revelations.” The suspicion hanging over Kieran was taken off when he found out from Emma Duvall, played by Willa Fitzgerald, and Noah Foster, played by John Karna, that his father did not make it from the attack of the Ghostface killer.

Brooke’s party. The Ghostface killer has lured the people the Emma cares about at the mansion of her friend Brooke Maddox, played by Carlson Young. The Ghostface killer has instructed Emma to leave her friends, if she wants them to live, and go to the Lakewood docks where Brandon James died in order to put a conclusion on the story that started with Emma’s mom.

The Ghostface killer reveal. The moment of finding out who really wears the mask finally came and it is none other than podcaster Piper Shaw, played by Amelia Rose Blaire. “Scream: The TV Series” has used the format of the neglected firstborn child in the “Scream 3” film.

Piper explained that she wants to get back at her mom Maggie/Daisy, played by Tracy Middendorf, for abandoning her and her half-sister Emma for having the perfect life that she wanted. Piper was about to tell Emma another secret that she never saw coming but Audrey Jensen, played by Bex Taylor-Klaus, arrived at the scene and shot Piper with Kieran’s gun.

The Ghosface killer accomplice. Piper may have revealed herself as the Ghostface killer to Emma and Maggie but there is another Ghostface killer on the loose. In episode 6 titled “Betrayed,” someone else wore the Brandon James mask when Piper and Will Belmont, played by Connor Weil, got attacked in an abandoned building.

The finale episode hinted that Emma’s friend Audrey could be the second Ghostface killer. Audrey has been keeping the letters she received from Piper as well as the evidence that was stolen from the Lakewood County Sheriff’s Department.

Audrey has burned the letters and Lakewood evidence in the ending scene. The horrors and scares will continue when “Scream: The TV Series” returns in 2016.

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