Scott Disick
Reality TV personality Scott Disick and his new friend Chris Brown are reportedly helping each other stay sober. Here, Disick is seen in an Instagram post making a product endorsement. Instagram/LetTheLordBeWithYou

Reality TV star Scott Disick may become the newest ambassador for the Dollar Beard Club. Now that he is reportedly trying to veer away from the partying lifestyle, product endorsements and other money-generating activities, it could help him break down Kourtney Kardashian’s defenses.

According to TMZ, Scott’s beard may just be the latest asset that he can monetize. The Dollar Beard Club is reportedly interested in signing an endorsement deal with Scott, which would require him to promote a wide range of beard oils, waxes, balms, and combs.

Since getting kicked out of his family home when he and Kourtney broke up back in July, Scott is steadily trying to get his life back together. Apart from having completed rehab, the money generating opportunities seem to be pouring in for the troubled TV star. This may help him avoid the excuse of “needing” to attend parties to create a steady income.

This deal would not be the first time that Scott has been approached to endorse products via his social media sites. Just like other members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Scott has millions upon millions of followers. His Instagram page has already been the venue for detox tea, teeth whitening and even coffee creamer ads.

In the past few weeks, Scott has left a Malibu rehab facility and is reportedly pushing forward with a plan to win his ex-girlfriend back. Even though he was reportedly turned down when he popped the question, Scott is still planning on selling his Beverly Hills pad and is hitting two birds with one stone with the sale. He plans to be able to move closer to Kourtney and their kids, and he also wants to jump start his real estate career. The former couple share three children together. Mason, 5, Penalope, 3 and Reign, 11-mmonths, all live with their mother.

The business opportunities will help lessen club appearances, which were often a cause of contention between the former couple. If the deal pushes through, Scott’s fans will have to wait until they see his well-shaven face again.