Scientist Photographs Soul Leaving Body

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Konstantin Korotkov photographed the soul leaving a human body, according to claims.

Konstantin Korotkov photographed the soul leaving a human body, according to claims.

The Russian scientist claims to have captured the spirit when it was leaving the mortal body after death. He apparently did it with one bio-electrographic camera which uses the method of gas discharge visualisation. This is an advanced method of Kirlian photography. The spirit is seen in blue as it gradually leaves the dead body, Korotkov claims.

According to Korotkov, the soul moves first off the head and the navel. The heart and the groin are the very last parts of body to leave. Korotkov further noted that the people who have to suffer an unexpected or a violent death leave their soul confused as it comes back to the body a few days after death. He explains that it may be caused by excess of unused energy.

Korotkov is the director of the Research Institute of Physical Culture at St. Petersburg. The Ministry of Health of Russia recognises and endorses the photography practice technologically advanced by Korotkov himself. Over 300 doctors from all over the world use such method to monitor progress even in critical diseases like cancer and its treatment.

Kirlian photography was invented by Semyon Kirlian, an electrician from the then Soviet Union, in the year 1939. Even though it took a lot of research in the '70s, it was finally recognised by in the country as well as the West. It is generally described as photographing the aura of an object.

Korotkov further observes that the electro-photonic light which is around the finger-tips of human beings contains comprehensive and coherent personal statement of an individual on both physical as well as psychological levels. According to him, the bio-energy field affects cosmetic, water and food. It can also be used for rectifying a number of medical errors.

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