NSW heatwave

Sydney weather: Few more sweltering days ahead

Sydney is forecasted to face more sweltering days and warm nights ahead. The week’s heat is expected to be more pronounced in the west of Sydney as Penrith is set to hit 42 degrees on Monday and Tuesday respectively. Meanwhile, Parramatta reaches 36 degrees on Monday and 41 degrees on Tuesday.
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Antarctica Sea

Antarctica’s mysterious underwater world discovered; Spidery starfish, coconut-shaped sponges & pink algae spotted among others

Australian Antarctic Division scientists have got a rare glimpse of the mysterious underwater world that’s present beneath the Arctic sea ice. Stunning images of spidery starfish, dandelion-like worms, coconut-shaped sponges and pink encrusting algae were captured by an underwater robot that the scientists deployed at O’Brien Bay, near Casey research station in East Antarctica.

NASA’s EM drive produces thrust from nothing

Earth is getting crowded with every passing day. This forces man to look to the stars to live in. The situation gives rise to the idea of colonisation of space and the invention of EM drive, a space engine that moves forward without fuel makes it a reality.