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Reuters/Simon Newman

Ecofund climate change company killed off by Newman government

According to newly revealed documents, environmental health is not important to the governing body as it cut programs and sold Ecofund for less than what it costs. Ecofund was a state-owned carbon and environmental offsetting and advisory company.

Australian heatwave kills more than 700 flying foxes

Recent reports of over a thousand grey-headed flying foxes are dying off due to the heat. It is said that some bats die while still hanging in the tree. Over the course of the week, they fall down to the ground and are cleaned up.
NSW heatwave

Sydney weather: Few more sweltering days ahead

Sydney is forecasted to face more sweltering days and warm nights ahead. The week’s heat is expected to be more pronounced in the west of Sydney as Penrith is set to hit 42 degrees on Monday and Tuesday respectively. Meanwhile, Parramatta reaches 36 degrees on Monday and 41 degrees on Tuesday.