After numerous rumours regarding the next “Pokken Tournament” fighter, Nintendo and Bandai Namco have confirmed that Sceptile will be entering the ring soon. The character joins a number of fan-favourite Pokemons like Charizard, Pikachu, Pikachu Libre, Blaziken and more in one of the most highly anticipated fighting games of 2016.

For those not up to date with their Pokedex, Sceptile is a grass Pokemon and the final form of Treecko, one of the starter creatures in “Pokemon Ruby” and “Pokemon Sapphire.” The creature is also one of the few Pokemons who can mega evolve, turning into Mega Sceptile and dealing tons of damage for a limited time.

While Sceptile was the only new playable character announced, he wasn’t the only Pokemon revealed for the game. Polygon has confirmed that Farfetch’d and Electrode would be making appearances as support Pokemons, and they both deal a good amount of damage, as seen in the trailer below.

Sceptile is an interesting fighter in the game and seemingly specialises on range attacks and trap moves. That’s not to say he’s incapable of putting up a fistfight, as the character smacks around other fighters with his quick moves and air combos.

As expected, Sceptile will be able to turn into Mega Sceptile for a short period of time. In the trailer, Sceptile seemingly becomes more powerful in this form and even nails his painful-looking finisher at Suicune, proving that the character is a force to be reckoned with.

IGN has also confirmed that Shadow MewTwo will be a Wii U exclusive character and will serve as the boss of the game. Fans who get the Wii U version during the game’s launch will gain access to a Shadow MewTwo amiibo statue, which allows players to unlock the boss right away.

“Pokken Tournament” is currently available in Japanese arcades, and certain Dave & Buster’s locations in North America may have an arcade machine of the game as well. The Wii U version of “Pokken Tournament” is currently solicited for a spring 2016 release, so fans will have to wait a bit longer to play the game in the comfort of their homes.

Credit: YouTube/Namco Bandai Entertainment

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