"Scandal" Season 3 Episode 8 is called "Vermont is for Lovers, Too." The episode is likely to reveal a little more about Olivia's mother and how she managed to get-off the doomed commercial airliner, without anyone knowing about it. The episode 7, "Everything's Coming Up Mellie," revealed that Olivia's mother is alive when Rowan goes to visit her in a high security prison.

It is for more than 20 years Olivia believed that her mom is dead. In the recent episodes, she came to know that a commercial airliner was shot down by Fitz, which killed more than 300 passengers and the list of dead passengers included her mother's name.

In the preview video, Rowan shows the picture of Olivia to her mother. Her mother can be seen saying: "She is beautiful." Olivia's mother tells Rowan that she wants to see her daughter. She wants Rowan to make that happen. Will Rowan do that? Rowan may have to answer a lot of questions if he let the mother meet her daughter.

In "Everything is Coming Up Mellie," Olivia told her associates everything about Operation Remington, including the truth about President Fitz shooting down the commercial airliner. Her associates are digging-up more information on Operation Remington. They are going to continue doing that in the upcoming episode, too.

"OPA took on Maya Pope as a client, and anything Olivia Pope starts, Olivia Pope finishes. It's hard to say where it will end or what she will find out, but she'll be dogged in her pursuit of the truth, especially because it's so close to home," Bellamy Young, who plays the character of Mellie, said to The Hollywood Reporter.

Also, there is likely to be a potential hitch in Josie's campaign. Olivia and her associates need to resolve that along with finding out the facts about Operation Remington.

"Olivia and the team must manage a potential crisis with the Josie Marcus campaign while investigating Operation Remington; Cyrus tries to take down Sally," according to ABC's official synopsis for "Vermont is for Lovers, Too."