Saudi Arabia investigating Snapchat video of a woman wearing miniskirt and crop top

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Snapchat video of a woman wearing short skirt
Snapchat video of a woman wearing short skirt BestProducts InTelugu/YouTube

Saudi Arabia is investigating a Snapchat video of a woman wearing short skirt in public. In the video, the woman, only known as “Khulood,” is shown walking around a historic fort in Ushayqir while wearing a miniskirt and a crop top, which break the Muslim nation’s strict dress code for women.

The video was originally shared on the social media app over the weekend. It shows the woman walking along an empty street in the Ushayqir Heritage Village in Najd province, north of the capital Riyadh. Her face is briefly shown when she turns around and looks at the camera. Some of the images that circulate online show the model’s legs and arms pixelated.

As the BBC notes, Najd is one of the most conservative provinces in the country. Saudi Arabia’s religious police, the Committee for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice, is aware of the video. It is currently in contact with authorities. Okaz newspaper also reports that the officials in the region had called on the provincial governor and police to take action against the woman in the video.

The clip has divided social media following its circulation online. Some praised the woman, calling her brave for the simple act of wearing what she wanted. They reasoned that if Melania and Ivanka Trump, respectively the wife and daughter of US President Donald Trump, did not wear the traditional abayas or headscarves during their visit in the country in May, then the woman should also not be forced to wear one.

There were also those who claimed that because the woman is a local, she would be arrested. If she were a foreigner, then people would instead talk about her beauty.

Critics, however, argued that the woman should respect the laws of the land. “In France, the niqab [face-covering veil] is banned and women are fined if they wear it. In Saudi Arabia, wearing abayas and modest clothing is part of the kingdom’s laws,” a Twitter user wrote.


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