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People walk behind a glass window bearing the logo of Samsung Electronics at the company's headquarters in Seoul November 6, 2009. Reuters/Choi Bu-Seok

Since the launch of the MacBook Pro, Apple's rivals have been focused on coming up with a device that could come at par with the tech giant's latest laptop. Within the past year, a handful of Windows 10 laptops was good enough to challenge the device.

However, Samsung has now released a new laptop that could easily be the new MacBook Pro killer. Samsung may be more famous for its smartphone units, but its launch of the ATIV Book 9 Pro proves that it can make laptops with amazingly efficient specs as well, as Inquisitr has pointed out.

As CNET has specified, the Korean tech giant's ATIV Book 9 Pro houses a powerful processor, discreet NVIDIA GeFore graphics and a 15.6-inch 4K screen with a 3,840 x 2,160 pixels resolution. It is not like the other ultra thin laptops that exist in the tech market today since it does not use a simple mix of metal and plastic materials. Instead, the ATIV Book 9 Pro has a rigid aluminium uni-body frame. With this kind of exterior, the device is expected to easily withstand a long, tough backpack ride.

Although Samsung's latest laptop is being marketed to be a MacBook Pro killer, some of its users have complained about a colour display issue. Apparently, the device displays blue hues as "very greenish."

"Colours look washed out!" a user complained online. "Great piece of hardware, but colour problems put the 4K display to shame!"

Samsung's alleged new MacBook Pro killer may have display problems, but it is worth noting that Microsoft's Surface Pro, Surface Book and Dell's XPS 15 also had similar issues at first. Manufacturers were quick to come up with a firmware upgrade that fixed the units. That said, it is expected that Samsung will soon release a similar update that will also fix the ATIV Book 9 Pro's problems with colour rendering.

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