Samsung’s Galaxy Alpha Photos Look Alike iPhone REUTERS/Lee Jae-Won

Reports say that the Korean powerhouse, Samsung, will unveil its very first round smartwatch that's expected to compete with Motorola and LG's round-shaped smart wearables. Techno Buffalo reports that the upcoming smartwatch will sport a rotating bezel ring and a power button that would take the shape of its crown. Such detail regarding the crown-shaped power button is still unclear as of the moment.

In addition, there is no clear indication if the Orbis will be using Android Wear as its platform. It is also possible that Samsung will continue to use its own Tizen operating system.

Ubergizmo adds that Samsung has not revealed details on the rumoured round smartwatch aside from the alleged rotating bezel ring and the said crown-shaped power button. However, some speculate that the power button might be for waking up the device's screen, activating Samsung's S Voice feature or might also be for sending messages during an emergency.

The rotating bezel can reportedly be rotated in one direction, which might move the cursor to the right, while a twist in the other direction might move its cursor to the left. Such action would mean that it could make browsing of photos and running through a long list of apps a breeze. Additionally, reports also say that a software development kit, or SDK, is also being developed. The software would give developers the ability to build more features for the "Orbis".

Samsung has unveiled a few devices in the recently concluded 2015 Consumer Electronics Show that was held in Las Vegas. The tech magnate used the tech show to launch a brand new Smart TV interface built upon the company-owned Tizen operating system. This time, Samsung is believed to take advantage of the MWC expo to introduce "Orbis"to consumers, which will be held in March.

Speculations also say that the Orbis might be Samsung's counter to the much anticipated launch of the Apple Watch. Meanwhile,the Korean tech company has kept mum about the rumoured wearable.

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