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Documents chanced upon by Reuters served as proof that Samsung proposed a deal to BlackBerry amounting to $6 to $7.5 billion or a price range of $13.35 to $15.49 per share. Such proposal would be mean a premium of 38 percent to 60 percent over BlackBerry's current trading price.

BlackBerry is on the verge of getting back on track after it had some tough competition in recent years.Past reports confirm that the company is working to refocus its business on the enterprise with the leadership of its CEO John Chen, who now has the heavy responsibility to bring back BlackBerry in its glory days.

This is not the first time that such news occurred. Back in October 2013, BlackBerry was heard to be offered by other companies a good deal. Fairfax Financial wanted to acquire the Canadian company for $4.7 billion. Apparently, Samsung has increased the offer but there is no clear confirmation if BlackBerry would give in.

InfoWorld has made a very interesting analysis on why the Korean powerhouse has shown big interest in getting the struggling company. It is evident that Samsung's flagship device, the Galaxy 5 did not perform well last year. According to the report, Samsung has great interest in BlackBerry's BES (BlackBerry Enterprise Service), which caters to half the mobile device management market.

Additionally, speculations say that BlackBerry's trusted end-to-end security is another major reason why Samsung offered such proposal. The security software, which governments and high-security industries rely on is only offered by BlackBerry and is not available in iOS, nor in Android.

Meanwhile, reports that Blackberry's stock went up 30 percent to $12.78 after the news of Samsung's alleged plan of acquisition. Report say that the increase in its stock is the highest since June 2013. Late last year, the two tech companies went into a deal wherein Samsung will be adapting BlackBerry's security features to its Android devices. But then again, the Canadian company denied such reports.

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