Samsung Gear VR
The Samsung Creators contest will put the Samsung Gear VR on the spotlight. Samsung

With virtual reality fast getting into the radars of consumers and gamers. More than console and PC-related VR hardware, the mobile-connected VR industry is continually making a push.

Samsung is doing this with its VR competition targeted for filmmakers situated in Los Angeles and New York. Dubbed as the Samsung Creators, the contest is supposedly open to VidCon 2016 attendees, USA Today reported. Over at the official website of Samsung Creators, contestants can be VR pioneers, vloggers and filmmakers, and they can create content about virtually anything—from travel and fashion to music gaming and tech.

There are 10 categories that aspiring contestants can join, and from each of the categories, one winner will be chosen. The prizes are worth checking out though, as these include one ticket to the exclusive Creators Awards ceremony, a round-trip airfare to NYC during the ceremony weekend for the winner and a guest, a cash prize worth US$10,000 and an invitation-only masterclass with VR filmmaking pros.

“We’re investing a lot in this space because we believe it’s a new medium for communication, creativity and even compassion,” said Samsung Electronics America’s Chief Marketing Officer Marc Mathieu to USA Today.

Add the fact that Samsung is already launching the Gear 360 is finally launching in the U.S. The device has already been set for US$349.99. However, it can only be purchased at the VidCon 2016, though it seems that the company is also looking to bring it to a bigger audience later this year, The Verge reported.

For users in the U.S., Phone Arena has sighted a promotion that allows fans to get the Samsung Gear VR for free alongside the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

The offer was extended until June 26. The VR headset will come for free for buying the Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 edge, S6 edge+, S6 edge, S6 and Galaxy Note 5. This means a free headset worth US$80.

The offer is a pretty good deal, especially if fans in the US are planning to get the latest Samsung smartphone anyway, then this is a good time to do it. The promo was actually one of the Father’s Day promotions.

The great thing about this is that fans can avail of the promo via several branches. These include AT&T, Best Buy, Costco, Metro PCs, Sam’s Club, Sprint, Target, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Verizon and Walmart. Check out the link here for the promotions.

Samsung Gear VR: Cinematic (Credit: YouTube/Samsung Mobile)