The Samsung Galaxy S5 still remains to be the flagship device of the Korean manufacturer. Given this, it's highly likely that it will deliver its newest feature for this device, which is rumoured to be a 560 ppi mobile display.

This comes from a leaked document following Samsung's Analyst Day, wherein the plans were said to have finally ventured beyond the Samsung execs present in the event.

Phone Arena reports that one of the noticeable plans is that Samsung will not just feature displays with 560 ppi, but it will also be Super AMOLED. As an estimate, this could mean a 2,600 x 1,440 pixel count for the 5.3-inch Samsung Galaxy S5.

Again, if things go according to Samsung's plans, it will be the first company to venture into such an idea and deliver it the earliest. This rumour about the Samsung Galaxy S5's display is complemented by speculations reported by Design & Trend, which hints at both a bended display that wraps around the smartphone so that there will be more screen face without increasing the dimensions of the phone.

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Plastic at Worst, Pleather at Best for Galaxy S5 Body?

Previous rumours about the Samsung Galaxy S5 had been linked to an overall improvement of the body to become a premium aluminium to bear more weight agains the likes of the HTC smartphones.

However, a report from BGR suggests that plastic may still be the body of choice for the Samsung Galaxy S5. While the sources for this rumour mostly banks on speculations and probabilities, it won't be a surprise considering the state that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has found itself in.

But as a consolation, the move to a more premium standard without stepping on the metal or aluminium territory is also still possible, this time with the use of pleather, the same material that was used for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

Perhaps the lack of movement of the Samsung Galaxy S5 to a metallic case can also be attributed to the upcoming Samsung Galaxy F, which can be the push towards the ultimate premium smartphone for the Korean company.

Recently, Samsung has been keeping mum about the developments of the Samsung Galaxy F, but it won't come as a surprise if the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the S Series would become a high mid-range phone, maintaining its build while not losing out on the premium department either.

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Tizen or Android 4.4 Kitkat?

Surprisingly, while there have been rumours building on the materials used and the screen resolution of the Samsung Galaxy S5, there has been little talk about its insides.

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Most are rumours speculating on whether the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be the 2014-released phone which will house the Korean company's newest Tizen OS project.

In The Wall Street Journal, it was pointed out that Samsung has declined to comment on the reason for the delay of the OS, but also has plans to bring a fierce competition to third place after the iOS and the Google Android OS.

The report also states that Samsung is already working with the likes of Symphony Teleca Corp. in order for the latter to create apps for the Tizen OS. This area is obviously where the Tizen will be lacking when it comes to users since Android and iOS have long been building its database.

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The challenge is that Samsung is planning to release Tizen-backed Samsung smartphones come 2014, and launching that will mean that the app store should be up and running for the public.

For the most part, Samsung is making it easy for developers to create apps that are simpler and easily convertible to different devices, but in terms of the number and tested apps game, it will be lacking compared to the top two. The question now is whether Samsung will risk transferring its flagship Samsung Galaxy S5 from the possibility of getting the Android 4.4 Kitkat (being the newest smartphone) to make it the first Tizen OS-backed phone.