Sam Worthington and Lara Bingle
Cast member Sam Worthington and his girlfriend Lara Bingle pose at the premiere of "Sabotage" in Los Angeles, California March 19, 2014. The movie opens in the U.S. on March 28. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni Reuters

Sam Worthington and Lara Bingle’s paparazzo woes are not yet over. The Australian celebrity couple are now facing U$10 million [A$11 million] lawsuit, thanks to the photographer who accused the “Avatar” actor of assaulting him.

In February 2014, Worthington was arrested for assault in New York City for punching Sheng Li, a paparazzo who had been following Bingle for hours. The 38-year-old actor said that Li aggressively pursued the model and then kicked her in the shin. He retaliated by punching LI in the face.

Both Worthington and Li were arrested for assault, with Li acquiring additional charges of reckless endangerment and harassment.

Worthington’s misdemeanour case was eventually resolved in April. He got a no-jail, conditional discharge and was told to stay away from trouble for six months.

Li was also offered the same disposition but he did not accept. His lawyer Mark Jay Heller filed a complaint with the Manhattan U.S. Attorney in May to demand the investigation of the District Attorney’s Office for allegedly failing and refusing to charge the actor with felony assault, attempted robbery and filing a false report.

The attorney claimed that although there were videos of the scuffle that “clearly depict a brutal assault” and attempted robbery of Li’s cameras, Worthington and Bingle were never charged. Worthington also allegedly told authorities that he was the star of the James Cameron film “Avatar,” which “may have impacted what appears to be a grave miscarriage of justice.”

The paparazzo and his lawyer are still after the couple.

Li is now suing both Worthington and Bingle for U$10 million for the alleged assault. He accuses them of inflicting injuries and for slander and libel for allegedly making false statements about him to the New York Police Department.

According to the legal docs obtained by TMZ, Li claims he has suffered a torn shoulder, facial contusions and injuries to his thumb and wrist. He might also need surgery.

This isn’t Worthington’s first brush with the law. He was also arrested in 2012 for disorderly conduct after a fight with a bouncer at The Vortex Bar and Grill restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia. He reportedly pushed Jerry Link after he was refused entry because he appeared intoxicated and had failed to produce an ID.

The charges were dismissed when the doorman did not appear in court.


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