British soul singer Sam Smith has dropped his newest single “Drowning Shadows” from the upcoming deluxe edition of his LP “In the Lonely Hour.” The emotional song is reportedly the singer’s last song before he takes a break from music.

Smith has called the track the “saddest” and probably the “least radio-friendly” song he has ever written. He debuted the song on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 radio show on Monday, USA Today reported.

“This is… really dark,” the singer described the song, which was uploaded the same day on iTunes. The multi-award-winning singer also teased the song on Instagram, with the caption: “Everyone tune into Beats1 - My song 'Drowning Shadows' from In The Lonely Hour Drowning shadows edition, will be playing very very soon!! Brace yourself.... It's a sad one. But I'm very proud of this song. It's insanely personal to me. Hope you like x."

Smith said he wrote “Drowning Shadows” during his stay at South London. He explained that the song is personal as “literal and thematic cross roads” were the inspiration behind it.

“I was in such a lonely, sad place when I was writing this album that sometimes, I'd literally have to choose. The lyric is, 'Do I go home for nothing or stay out for more?'” he said.

Through his new song, the 23-year-old singer said he wanted to remind fans that he is a songwriter first and then a singer. He also wanted to give vent to his feelings while writing his debut studio album “In the Lonely Hour.” The album includes his hit songs “Stay With Me” and “Lay Me Down.”

Meanwhile, Smith revealed to Entertainment Tonight that he plans to take a break from the spotlight. The singer said it’s time for him to gain new inspiration and spend some time dating.

Earlier this year, Smith underwent vocal cord surgery, which led to cancellation of several tour dates. Over the last three years, Smith has won four GRAMMY awards, three Billboard awards and three Brit awards.

Smith’s “In the Lonely Hour” deluxe edition releases on Nov. 6.

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