RPG Steam sale: Fanatical bundle offers 8 role-playing games for US$2.49

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'Rogue Wizards.' Spellbind Studios/Press

Eight Steam games filled with magic and mayhem take centre stage in a new RPG Bundle from Fanatical. Considering how the RPG is one of the most beloved video games genres, the bundle will surely offer something interesting even for the most hardcore fan. What’s even better is that you can save US$78.43 (AU$102.38) since the lineup only costs US$2.49 (AU$3.25). That’s 96% worth of savings.

Below are three of the games included in Fanatical’s RPG Bundle. A Steam account is required to activate the codes once purchased. The offer is time-limited and will end in 14 days as of this writing.

‘Rogue Wizards’ – Original price: US$14.99 (AU$19.57)

Roguelike games show no signs of dying, and “Rogue Wizards” is proof of that. The game follows the struggle of the banlits, individuals without magic powers. That is until they gain them. What follows is a tale of kindness and prejudice.

Faithful to the subgenre, dungeons are randomly generated, combat is turn-based and controls are tile-based. To become stronger, vendors can be upgraded, and items can be enchanted. Since the items are also randomised, expect hours and hours spent on this role-playing journey.

‘Last Dream’ – Original price: US$9.99 (AU$13.04)

Created using RPG Maker, “Last Dream” easily catches the attention of fans of classic SNES titles. It has cute 2D sprites and a turn-based battle system. Newcomers, however, will still find plenty to like here.

The huge world caters to more than 40 hours of non-linear gameplay, in which there are more than 500 unique paths for your hero. Not only that, the music is composed by independent artists. So if you like taking a stroll in a fantasy world, the world of “Last Dream” may be on the top of your list.

‘Spaceship Looter’ – Original price: US$9.99 (AU$13.04)

In “Tomb Raider,” you raid tombs. In “Spaceship Looter,” you, well, loot spaceships and cause mayhem whenever your guns decide to.

“What happens to the ship when the crew dies?” asks the game’s Steam page. The answer: they leave spaceships behind—spaceships with stuff up for grabs. Of course, the looting is only the easy part; there are enemies that hinder your progress, aiming to make your life miserable. If you’re up for a gruesome challenge, “Spaceship Looter” might be the game for you.

Below is the full list of game in Fanatical’s RPG Bundle. To access the bundle, click here.

  • Rogue Wizards
  • Last Dream
  • Dragon Fantasy: The Volumes of Westeria
  • Last Dream: World Unknown
  • Spaceship Looter
  • Eschalon: Book II
  • Eschalon: Book III
  • Dragon Fantasy: The Black of Tome Ice