Kate and Camilla
Britain's Catherine (L), Duchess of Cambridge, and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, attend the annual Remembrance Sunday ceremony at the Cenotaph in London November 9, 2014. Reuters/Luke MacGregor

According to one book author, Camilla Parker-Bowles attempted to make Prince William and Kate Middleton part ways.

A new book written by Christopher Andersen claims that Camilla was the cause of William and Kate’s short split in 2007. In his book, titled “Game of Crowns,” the second wife of Prince Charles was disgusted with the couple grabbing everyone’s attention while she tried to boost her reputation to the public after Princess Diana died tragically in a car crash. Camilla reportedly told her husband and William’s father to urge his son to dump Kate.

According to NY Daily News, in the book, Charles heeded Camilla’s advice, while William also followed his father and separated with Kate. However, the young pair’s time away from each other was short-lived. They eventually got back together after six weeks and the people fell even more in love with the commoner.

The Daily Beast notes that Andersen also wrote that Prince William’s stepmother was dealing with spin doctors to leak self-aggrandising stories to the press and targeting her potential enemies.

“Game of Crowns” also mentioned that Queen Elizabeth II did not approve of Charles and Camilla’s marriage. The late Princess Diana allegedly referred to Camilla as “the Rottweiler.”

The book continues to delve into interesting tales about the royal family, such as Camilla’s involvement in choosing Diana to become Charles’ wife, Camilla’s quips to her husband regarding their family tree and Diana and Camilla’s heated arguments about Charles’ rumoured affair with the latter. On the other hand, Camilla was resilient and asked why Diana is not contented with her life in the palace and her royal family.

Andersen also wrote how Carole Middleton, Kate’s mother, allegedly exerted a lot of efforts to ensure that her daughter would cross paths and get noticed by the future King of England.

Representatives from the royal family did not comment on the issue.

Christopher Andersen is a biographer who has written 32 books. He also wrote stories about Mick Jagger, President John F. Kennedy and her wife, Jacqueline, and the British royal family.

More updates and details on “Game of Crowns” are expected soon.