The long wait for the Xbox One version of Psyonix’s “Rocket League” is already over. Now that Xbox One players have caught up with the excitement of PS4 and PC players for the game, developer Psyonix has moved on towards the expansions slated for 2016.

More than new features and content, the developer is looking at the possibility of eSports and competitiuve play for “Rocket League.” Though not making any promises, Express reported that the developer mentioned that there are prospects for this direction in the game, though it all depends on how the fans see “Rocket League” moving forward.

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Those who are already playing “Rocket League” on the PS4 and PC should be wary of a new mechanic that the developer has recently rolled out via a new update. VG 247 reported that the update now brings a ban system for players who alter the competitive play in the game.

“Implemented automatic timed matchmaking ban system associated with players who delete content from their game file to avoid competitive matchmaking in certain arenas,” Psyonix noted in the official Steam patch notes.

This includes players who have removed the Wastelands from the game. The Wasteland arena came with the Chaos Run DLC. According to PC Gamer, this arena harks back to Psyonix’s 2008 title “Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars,” and is considered to be one of the non-standard stadiums in the game. Even the developer had admitted that this arena gives a different feel in matches, which may be the reason why not everyone is a fan of the Wasteland.

Other developments for “Rocket League” include the possibility of boosted max player count. From 4v4, Psyonix is reportedly considering pushing it to 8v8, though this would mean that bigger arenas will be required.

“We experimented with larger player count but it’s too crazy. Maybe one day we’ll revisit it if we ever decide to go with bigger stadiums,” said Jeremy Dunham, Psyonix VP, as quoted by GameSpot.

Psyonix has been regularly updating the game, with the latest being Rocket Labs. This allows players to test maps before they are released in the competitive field.

"Rocket League" on Xbox One announcement trailer (Credit: YouTube/Xbox)