The PlayStation platform exclusive title “Attack on Titan” from Koei Tecmo has received a new slew of updates. The first is on the controls and features for all platforms.

Developer Koei Tecmo has confirmed that it will allow for cross-save across the three platforms, PS4, PS3 and PS Vita. For now, the developer has confirmed that cross-play will not be available because an online co-op feature is expected to debut with an update coming on March 24, DualShockers reported.

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The co-op, however, will be limited in that it will not have splitscreen action. For the PS Vita, there will be a 4-player co-op after the update. Additionally, the touch screen for the device allows for signalling flares and navigating the map, similar to how Koei Tecmo’s “Warriors” series made use of controls.

Controls are customisable to a certain level. While auto-save and camera sensitivity adjustments are available, players won’t be able to turn off the blood. It is also not possible to turn off the damage display. Finally, for players who were expecting a demo will be disappointed, as no demo is planned before launch.

Another piece of update from Koei Tecmo is that players can actually take on the role of a titan in “Attack of Titan” the game. Destructoid has spotted a 20-seconder gameplay video where the player taking on the role of Eren Jaeger transforms into a Titan.

As seen in the anime and manga, the Titan Eren can smash into buildings, battle one-on-one against other Titans and even execute some cool martial arts moves and kicks. It would be interesting to see if that last bit will be allowed when playing Koei Tecmo’s title. The video can be seen below. Now it remains to be seen whether or not this also means other characters who have the ability to turn into Titans can do so in the game as well.

"Attack on Titan" Titan Eren trailer (Credit: YouTube/KoeiTecmoOfficial)