Rocket League
"The Witcher 3" hero Geralt's medallion will make an appearance as a customisable antenna in "Rocket League" Psyonix

Now that “Rocket League” is already on all major and new platforms, developer Psyonix has focused on the new content that it will be rolling out to keep fans occupied.

For its April update, now already out, the developer is bringing hoops into the game. According to the official “Rocket League” website, the ‘Rocket League Hoops” will be a free update that combine the beloved wheels game with basketball mechanics.

In the Hoops update, the game will get Hoops Mode, which will bring a basketball flavour into the already riotous world of “Rocket League. The trailer, seen below, better showcases how Hoops Mode will come into play. It’s basically cars imitating the likes of Curry and even Jordan—see all that air shots—but this time aiming at a bigger and redesigned version of the basketball ring.

All that action will be happening in the Dunk House map, also coming with the new update. This is one of the bigger updates, as it brings another new sport following the hockey update for “Rocket League.” It is a great way to entice and keep hooked its 14 million reported users.

But this is not the only basketball-related content coming in. Via the same post, Psyonix revealed that a paid but optional DLC, “Rocket League – NBA Flag Pack” is also coming for US$1.99 (approx. AU$2.58). This will include 30 NBA team flags. Since it is an optional add-on, those who only play the new update will still get a free NBA logo flag that can be used in any mode for no additional cost.

More than basketball content, there are some even more familiar content coming to “Rocket League.” Team17’s “Worms W.M.D.” fans will be seeing more of the game in “Rocket League.” This is in the fomrm of cosmetic items, such as the Grenade Antenna, “Worms W.M.D.” flag and a Worms topper. As announced by Team17 over its official website, these new items are for customisation purposes. Still, the addition is a good minor touch to an already beefy update.

If that’s not enough, another customisation item will come in the form of the Witcher Medallion antenna. This is a crossover with CD Projekt Red’s own “The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt,” which will bring Geralt’s iconic Witcher Medallion to be used as an antenna to players’ Battle-Cars, IGN reported.

The developer added that this was cooked up in part as celebration of the “Blood and Wine” expansion for “The Witcher 3.” A screenshot of the Witcher medallion at play can be seen in the image above.

"Rocket League" April update (Credit: YouTube/Rocket League)