GTA Online
Get the Declasse Sabre Turbo in "GTA Online." Rockstar Games

“GTA Online” players have a new ride to play with. Thanks to the newly released Declasse Sabre Turbo at the Benny’s Original Motor Works, players can now enjoy dressing up their ride in different ways.

Developer Rockstar Games has teased the Custom Upgrade for the Declasse Sabre Turbo through several exclusive mods. While the actual Sabre week for enjoying Double RP Racing Playlists is over, a couple of fans did not fail to showcase their newly pimped up Declasse Sabre Turbo, seen via the Rockstar Newswire.

Apart from the new vehicle, the developer has also introduced a new feature for Crew Management. Rockstar has been promoting some of the notable activities that the different communities of the Social Club Crew have been doing. More than this, some new features have been introduced, starting with better functions for Crew Management page, as requested by the community.

One of these is an easier way to see other Crew Members’ Gametags or PSN IDs, as well as Active Crews for managing the Crew Hierarchy. This makes it simple to promote or demote Crew members, review Join Requests and scan applicants. Additionally, it is now possible to filter Friends and Crew Hierarchies by Online Service and search Gamertag or PSN Id using this filter.

While the latest update for “GTA Online’ has brought a few more rides to the online title, the “GTA Online” community feels that it’s not yet enough. VG 247 reported that fans are appealing to the developer to create a motorcycle-themed DLC for “GTA Online.

A new petition has been released online requesting motorcycles alongside customisable livery and parts, as well as matching leather clothes, outfit and hairstyles.

As of writing, the petition has already garnered 5,574 signatures out of the expected 1,000. This is not surprising, since Rockstar Games has delivered quite a wide array of options and vehicle themes for “GTA Online.” Among these are the content updates for the Flight School and some vintage-inspired outfits and cars during the Be My Valentine update. The latest had been the addition of the Lowriders DLC, which pretty brings the street appeal into the game.

This is not the first petition that fans have come up with for a Motorcycle DLC. Way back in 2014, Rockstar’s forums page was already buzzing about the idea of a Motorcycle Club DLC. The developer has yet to confirm if it is planning to deliver the fan-requested DLC or any similar content anytime soon.

"GTA Online" Declass Sabre Turbo (Credit: YouTube/LaazrGaming)