Final Fantasy XV Collector's Edition
The "Final Fantasy XV" Ultimate Collector's Edition will only have 30,000 copies. Square Enix

Fans who have missed out on the chance to order the limited edition Ultimate Collector’s Edition for “Final Fantasy XV” now have a chance to do so.

“Good news! We will be producing more #FFXV Ultimate Collector’s Editions which will be available worldwide!” Square Enix announced via the official “Final Fantasy XV” Twitter.

While many fans rejoice to this bit of news, the developer was quick to have some disclaimers. According to them, there is a chance that the new editions will not be ready by Sept. 30, which is the release date of the game. However, they are still trying their best so that the new batch will not be delayed.

Fans in Australia are already feeling a little pessimistic about not being able to get a chance to even preorder. One fan, @GEOrassic has said that even with the extended run, there’s still a lot of demand that Australia may not have a chance to get a lot of copies, yet again.

“Please give Australia more stock. We weren’t even allowed to pre-order the limited 80 here (you need to get an email),” said another fan @RedMakuzawa.

EB Games Australia has even responded to one fan’s query on how the Ultimate Collector’s Edition can be obtained in Australia. However, the company cannot offer anything official as far as details on preordering in Australia.

During the first batch of preorders, EB Games Australia announced via its official Facebook page that it only had 80 units of the “Final Fantasy XV” Ultimate Collector’s Edition. Announced back in April 1, the company had to limit the preorder opportunity to EB World Level 4 members with a valid preorder, who then had to get into a random draw to secure an option to upgrade preorders.

Other fans have started to speculate if the additional number of editions will mean that the “Final Fantasy XV” Ultimate Collector’s Edition will be priced lower than the original pegged, given that it was based on a lower count unit.

For now, any details, including preorders for the second batch and potential price changes have not yet been made official. Square Enix is asking fans to standby for any official announcements. This is additional good news for fans, following the announcement of a cool Twitter contest to win more content for the game.

"Final Fantasy XV" Ultimate Collector's Edition (Credit: YouTube/Final)