Twilight author, Stephenie Meyer has worked her magic and plays cupid to former lovers, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in a bid to rekindle and heat up dying Robsten romance.

She has always felt responsible for the birth, and now the death of Robsten romance that Stephenie took it upon herself to ensure that the former sweethearts are still in good place after their much-talked about split.

The author of the bestselling book, Twilight has reportedly reached out to Rob and Kristen, a news welcomed not only by the lovers but also by their millions of Twihards who want nothing but a rekindled Robsten romance.

“Stephenie Meyer has reached out to both Rob and K-Stew to make sure they’re good after the breakup,” a source revealed in an interview with

Playing like a sister, Stephenie’s move was welcomed by the former sweethearts known to have always look to the author for advice since they went head on with their romance in 2010.

The source added, “She’s kind of like a big sister to them and they love her, so she’s been a perfect person to talk with.”

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Stephenie knows Rob and Kristen by heart. It will be recalled that while Rob was shooting The Rover in Australia, the Twilight author has disclosed in an interview in March 2013, how she has always blamed herself for “putting Robsten in public eye.”

“Here’s the thing: there are some actors who are looking to be world famous, to be that household name, and although they might discover that there are a lot of negative things involved in that, it’s what they want,” Stephenie said back then.

She was quick to add that Rob and Kristen are privacy-loving individuals that they had done their best to keep their personal lives among them.

Stephenie noted, “ But that doesn’t apply to Kristen and Rob. That’s what makes it kind of ironic and tragic. If they had the choice, I’ve no idea if they’d even do Twilight again. I just don’t know. I think this has all come at a heavy price.”

She explained in the interview “where the guilt comes from.” She believes that Rob and Kristen took the heat of what she created in Twilight.

Robert and Kristen she emphasized, had taken all the brunt that could have been thrown at her.

“They took all of my heat, which I feel bad about," Meyer pointed out before adding, "At the same time -- and this is where the guilt comes from -- it's created this nice, peaceful place for me.”

Hailed from Hartford, Connecticut, Meyer has become a household name as her book made the big screen, the hit film, “Twilight” franchise. The American novelist and producer wrote the popular film as a wife of a Mormon with three children, while cooking and in between naps of her kids. The book, which had earned her $27 million, had made Robert and Kristen one of the most popular and highest-earning celebrities in Hollywood and made them household names around the globe.

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