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"Riverdale" episode 12 titled “Anatomy of a Murder” finally revealed who really killed Jason Blossom (Trevor Stines). Thanks to a video footage contained on a USB flash drive, the killer was revealed to be Clifford Blossom (Barclay Hope).

While it may seem a bit premature to divulge the identity of Jason’s killer, it does set the stage for more secrets as “Riverdale” prepares for a second season. The CW has renewed the show for a second run, meaning more tales from Archie and the gang are coming, Variety reports.

"Riverdale" finale leaving darker trails
But before that, “Riverdale” season one needs to wrap up. FP Jones (Skeet Ulrich) is still in jail even with the revelation of Jason Blossom’s true murder, Screen Rant reports. Cliff Blossom was found hanging at the barn which seemed to look like a suicide. Or is it?

One thing about “Riverdale” is that you have to be on your heels for anything. While the Clifford Blossom issue may seem like a suicide, it may also be possible that someone actually killed Clifford and made it look like that.

The drugs in those maple syrup barrels are something most may be overlooking. In such a dangerous trade, there is always the drug lord lurking around. “Mustang” is definitely out of the picture since he allegedly died of an overdose. And similar to the case of the Clifford Blossom suicide, what are the chances that someone actually killed “Mustang?”

The coming of Hiram Lodge

Before episode 12 came to a close, Hermione Lodge (Marisol Nichols) told Veronica (Camila Mendes) that her father was coming home. Throughout the first season, Ronnie was trying to figure out if her father was involved in the Jason Blossom murder.

There is technically motive, more of a business sense. There was that bag of money found at the “Mustang” crime scene, the same bag which Hermione Lodge handed to FP Jones. On what it was actually for hasn’t been made clear aside from the fact that it was instructed by Hiram.

It will be interesting how Hiram Lodge will be factored into all of this. He could be the reason why FP is still in jail to avoid spilling the real reason behind that bag of money. Once he appears, it sparks a whole new whirlwind of twists that should create new mysteries to be solved for next season.

Keep an eye out for the Blossoms

Keep an eye out for Cheryl Blossom (Madelaine Petsch), Penelope Blossom (Nathalie Boltt) and Polly Cooper (Tiera Skovbye). The Jason Blossom murder seems to be solved but an even deeper mystery is expected for the season finale. "Riverdale" chapter 13 titled "The Sweet Hereafter" will be released on May 11 via Netflix Australia.