Emily Van Camp
IN PHOTO: Actress Emily VanCamp, of the drama series "Revenge," arrives at the 64th Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles September 23, 2012. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

After four intense seasons, the ABC drama “Revenge” has come to an emotional end. The series finale is entitled “Two Graves” and as expected, there are indeed two characters who meet their demise this episode. Emily’s path of revenge comes full circle and everything is finally put to rest.

Emily pleads guilty to murder

Emily still finds herself in jail even though she knows exactly how Victoria Grayson framed her. She learns that Ben has been killed in an accident in his own home. Because of this, she is certain that he believed what she said and investigated further. She knows Victoria is behind his death. Now that Ben is gone, she resolves to get out of jail and settle matters on her own.

Emily decides to plead guilty to killing Victoria. This allows for her to be transferred to a maximum security prison, one that Nolan has already rigged for her escape. Nolan sets off a fire alarm and Emily manages to escape in the confusion that follows during evacuation.

While moving incognito, Emily and Jack trace Ben’s steps before his death. This leads them to find Victoria’s mother’s apartment where Ben was actually killed. They also discover that Victoria used her mother’s corpse to pass off as her own during the fire.

White Gold

Meanwhile, Margaux and Victoria are planning Victoria’s new life. She plans to change her identity and live a quiet life while Emily rots in jail. However, Margaux isn’t happy that her hired mercenary killed Ben when she was only ordered to keep Victoria safe. However, now that Emily is out of jail, Victoria asks Margaux to call her contact one last time to take care of Emily.

Nolan goes through Le Marchal financial records and he sees that Margaux has been wiring money to an encrypted off shore account. He eventually figures out that Margaux has been hiring an assassin called White Gold. Nolan tries to warn Emily but he’s too late. The woman looks for Emily but only manages to find Jack. He ends up getting stabbed before Emily could get to him.

Victoria’s funeral

Before starting her new life, Victoria goes to her own funeral to catch a glimpse of her children for the last time. To her disappointment, neither Charlotte nor Patrick was there. However, she was moved by Louise and her eulogy. She decides to tell Louise the truth and asks Margaux to bring Louise to her.

Louise is extremely shocked and confused to find out that Victoria is alive. However, she agrees to keep Victoria’s secret but not for very long.

The confrontation

After learning about Victoria’s plan, Louise also hears about the attack on Jack. She has a change of heart after she sees Victoria’s manipulative ways and what Victoria has done to Emily. While Jack is in the hospital with Nolan and Emily watching over him, Louise comes and tells them everything that she knows.

Nolan goes to Margaux and confronts her about Ben and Jack. He tells her about all the deaths that she has caused due to her blind loyalty to Victoria. Margaux is shaken when she hears about Jack and agrees to help Nolan catch White Gold. She also confesses to her crime and turns herself in.

Meanwhile, Emily is busy with a confrontation of her own. With the help of Louise, she finds Victoria and finally faces her. Emily aims a gun straight at Victoria and vows to end their battle. She says that she can now finally put Victoria in her grave after all these years. Victoria knows that Emily has been pushed over the edge because of what happened to Jack. She accepts her fate but is shot by David Clarke and not Emily. David knows that he is terminally ill so he kills Victoria to save Emily from going to jail for it.

Unfortunately, David lays down his weapon and doesn’t realise that Victoria is still alive. She manages to strike one last blow of vengeance and shoots Emily straight through the heart.


Emily survives the gunshot wound but Victoria isn’t so lucky. With her nemesis in the grave, Emily can now live her life using her true identity as Amanda Clarke. Furthermore, she can now marry the love of her life, Jack Porter. Jack also survived his injuries and managed to recover fully. He had asked David for Emily’s hand in marriage when he was in the hospital and David happily agreed.

Unfortunately, David is the other person who ends up occupying one of the two graves promised for this episode. He finally succumbs to his cancer just a few months after killing Victoria. He is granted a compassionate release and peacefully passes on the deck of the beach house that he and Emily live in.

Jack and Emily finally tie the knot and honour all of their friends and family who became casualties in Emily’s path of revenge. What Emily doesn’t know is that in order for her to survive, her sister Charlotte allowed the doctors to use Victoria’s heart to replace hers. She is now destined to live the remaining years of her life being kept alive by Victoria Grayson’s heart.

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