Matt Czuchry
Actor Matt Czuchry arrives before the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in the Manhattan borough of New York, November 10, 2015. Czuchry currently stars as Conrad Hawkins in the FOX TV show "The Resident." Reuters/Carlo Allegri

"The Resident" cast members, including Matt Czuchry (Conrad Hawkins), Melina Kanakaredes (Dr Lane Hunter), Bruce Greenwood (Dr Solomon Bell), Moran Atias (Renata Morali), Renée Wilson (Mina Okafor), Manish Dayal (Devon Pravesh) and Emily VanCamp (Nurse Nicolette "Nic," Shaunette), will have an upcoming episode titled "No Matter the Cost" that will air on March 5 in the US. It will feature Conrad's father who will unexpectedly show up at the hospital. Plus, Nic finds out Mina's secret.

Spoiler alert: This article has more 'The Resident' spoilers 2018. Read on if you want to find out about 'No Matter the Cost.'

According to a Fox press release, "The Resident" season 1, episode 6 will show Conrad dealing with his dad who will come to the hospital unannounced. Meanwhile, he will also battle with a group of aggressive attending physicians on behalf of a patient with a chronic ailment. As for Renata, her plans to poach a renowned surgeon will not be successful because Dr Bell won't agree with her.

Plus, Mina will try to help a young man from her neighbourhood who almost mugged her. Nic will offer Mina her assistance and, in the process, will discover Mina's secret. Nic will also ask Devon to watch over Lily (Violett Bean). However, this will lead him to question Dr Lane's intentions after finding out something intriguing.

'No Matter the Cost' stars

The guest stars that will grace this episode are Lindsey Blackwell (Shalisha Curt), Merrin Dungey (Claire Thorpe), Christian Barillas (Nigel Meahan), Tasso Feldman (Dr Irving Feldman), Glenn Morshower (Marshall Winthrop), Warren Christie (Dr Jude Silva), Emil Beheshti (Dr Arthur Franklin), Steven Ellison (Dr Austin Foreman), Andi Matheny (Dr Kelly Whitley) and Bethany Geaber (Nurse Isabel Sharp). They will be joined by Rishik Patel (Dr Jaime Frederick), Dale Anthony Jennings (Torrance Jackson), Jocko Sims (Dr Ben Wilmot), Angela Davis (Monique Jackson), Paul Ben-Victor (Dr Edmund Carver), Matt Mercurio (Dr. Gene Lu), Samuel Smith (Ezekiel Curtis), Shannon Mayers (Dr Victoria Hewitt) and Jacob Gibson (Atiba Jackson).

'The Resident' episodes: 'None the Wiser' and 'The Elopement'

The episode prior to "No Matter the Cost" was "None the Wiser," which aired on Monday in the US. It showed the staff being pushed to their limits by three concurrent surgeries. Conrad also felt jealous when Nic requested Jude (guest star Warren Christie) to help in one of the operations. As for Devon, he struggled with a patient who had an embarrassing problem. Plus, Dr Lane worked to discredit Nic's claims. A charitable contributor also dropped by at the hospital with the intention of donating a lot of cash to Dr Lane's oncology program.

James Roday directed this episode. Chris Bessounian, Todd Harthan and Tianna Majumdar-Langham wrote it.

"The Resident" TV series airs in Australia on Mondays at 9 pm AEDT on Seven. In the US, it airs from 9 - 10 pm ET/PT every Monday on Fox. The next episode after "No Matter the Cost" is "The Elopement," and it will air in the US on March 12. Stay tuned for more spoilers and updates about the latest medical drama on TV.