RESET Bioscience Publishes First CBD Study on Nano-Liposome

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CBD Study on Nano-Liposome RESET Bioscience

RESET Bioscience is disrupting the now multi-billion-dollar cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) industry with a product it claims revolutionizes the efficiency of CBD delivery – and it has the data to prove it.

The company, based in Austin, Texas, has committed itself to delivering cutting-edge technology in the CBD scene. Believing there’s still untapped potential in the market, RESET capitalizes on the momentum of scientific research, a practice that informs the young brand’s ethos as well as its product development.

Through pioneering research and rigorous, self-regulated testing, RESET Bioscience was able to produce what could be the new standard for efficiency in CBD delivery techniques: the CBD nano-liposome.

What is the nano-liposome?

Discovered in the early 1960s, liposomes were described as fully-encapsulated structures composed of the same phospholipid bilayer that comprises the average cell membrane. Experts in biochemistry and immunology were first able to use liposomes to study membrane-presenting proteins for cell to cell interaction. Later in the decade, researchers began to see the potential of the liposome to carry bioactive compounds which are not otherwise easily delivered to the body after administration.

Where liposomes offer the advantage of easy absorption directly through the gut lining, nano-liposomes secondarily improve the efficiency of drug delivery: smaller particles move more freely across the barriers that prevent the functional transfer of materials. Thus, nano-liposomes facilitate optimal absorption, which can be up to 80% more than traditional consumption.

Due to their biocompatibility and biodegradability, nano-liposomes have potential applications in a vast range of fields. RESET Bioscience’s nano-liposomal formulation of CBD aims to solve the problem of CBD’s characteristically low absorption rate, which may hinder the compound’s overall ability to have an effect.

This is what inspired RESET Bioscience to partner with a contract manufacturer and flagship ISO-accredited laboratory for hemp and CBD testing in Texas, Sant é Laboratories, to publish the first pharmacokinetic absorption study on a CBD product.

CBD + Nano-liposome Absorption Study

The study, “Characterization + Pharmacokinetics of a Novel Nano-Liposome Delivery System Of Cannabidiol”, was recently presented at the 2019 Cannabis Science Conference. It confirms that RESET Balance’s nano-liposomal delivery system offers a faster and more efficient formulation for CBD absorption.

Led by Dr. Brian Sloat, Ph.D., the study found that, “an individual consuming RESET Balance will experience the benefits of the product sooner compared to oil-based products. RESET Balance had a Tmax of around 5.5 hours, where the commercial comparators were greater than 6.4 hours.”

The results further described that “two of the three oil-based CBD commercial comparators had dramatically lower relative bioavailability compared to RESET Balance, indicating more CBD is being absorbed compared to leading commercial comparators used in this study.”

RESET Balance

RESET Balance, the company’s pioneering CBD product, isn’t oil or a pill. It’s a nano-liposome which encapsulates billions of hemp-derived CBD particles. Just take a few drops under the tongue, and the body can quickly absorb CBD.

RESET’s hemp is cultivated with fresh, pure air in rural Colorado using only mountain water. The hemp-derived CBD is then refined in a GMP-compliant lab to make sure the extraction process is uncontaminated and only pure, THC-free CBD isolate is harvested.

Because of RESET Balance’s nano-liposome technology, more CBD endures the digestion process and results in a product with higher bioavailability.

“With an army of millions of tiny little trojan horse-like pharmaceutical liposomes as its delivery system, RESET is able to impact the pharmacokinetics of your supplement improving absorption,” explained Chris Barber, RESET Bioscience CEO.

“Nano-encapsulation means that users will finally get a greater impact of CBD with a delivery mechanism that’s proven to be more efficient.”

The CBD market continues to grow at an unprecedented pace – and with the success of the nano-liposome, RESET Bioscience hopes that through its continuous research and product development, the company will be able to further unlock the benefits and potential assets of cannabidiol.

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