Chest X-ray Showing Cancer
In Photo: An undated x-ray image of a chest with a visible, possibly cancerous, growth on the left side. A simple breath test can sometimes detect lung cancer in patients even in the early stages of the disease, proving in principle that the idea might work, U.S. researchers reported on Sunday. REUTERS/NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE

The dream of x-ray vision is finally becoming a reality. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) developed a software that uses wifi signals to recognise people’s silhouettes behind walls and capture their movements regardless of obstruction.

The device tracks a person’s movements and displays the signals on a screen. A red ball indicates the movements and shows what direction a person moves or whether someone just simply moves a chair or changes walking pace. MIT researcher Zach Kabelac said that this can also identify a person based on the shape of a person’s skull, heart rate and respiratory rate.

The researchers believe that this device will help healthcare providers and families be aware of the whereabouts of children and the elderly, the Huffington Post reports. This can also track a person’s elevation from the ground, which will protect seniors from falling and suffering injuries, a problem too common in the age group.

The law enforcement and the military may also benefit greatly from this new technology. Lead researcher Dina Katabi cited officers recovering hostage can finally identify the victim’s exact location, preventing unnecessary casualties. Officers can also detect any weapons used by hostage-takers to prepare themselves beforehand.

The team hopes that this will also be incorporated in other areas to improve people’s lives and market this groundbreaking technology in 2017.

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