Remembrance Day: Prince Harry’s beard reportedly breaks military rules

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  • Prince Harry
    Britain's Prince Harry salutes during a visit to the Field of Remembrance, at Westminster Abbey in central London, Britain November 9, 2017. Reuters/Jeremy Selwyn/Pool
  • Prince Charles
    Britain's Prince Charles lays a wreath at the foot of the Cenotaph on behalf of his mother Queen Elizabeth II during the Remembrance Sunday Cenotaph service in London, Britain, November 12, 2017 Harland Quarrington/MoD/Crown Copyright/Handout via Reuters
  • Britain's Queen Elizabeth II
    Britain's Queen Elizabeth II stands in silence at the Remembrance Sunday Cenotaph service in London, Britain, November 12, 2017. Reuters/Toby Melville
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Prince Harry broke military rules on Sunday’s Remembrance Day, it has been claimed. The 33-year-old British royal attended the memorial service with a full beard, which was said to be a violation of the code.

Prince Charles’ younger son left active service in 2015, but he still disappointed some for showing up with a beard on official duty in a British Army uniform. His brother, Prince William, and uncle, Prince Andrew, also showed up in uniform but sans the facial hair.

“Prince Harry is letting us all down,” a serving member in the elite cavalry regiment was quoted by Mirror as saying. “There’s no place for beards in the Queen’s cavalry. He should have shaved it off for such an important day.”

The British Army forbids beards. However, it excuses a person to retain his facial hair if he is suffering from a skin condition or has strong religious reasons. For example, Sikhs are allowed to retain their beards while in service because their religion prohibits them from cutting their hair.

A very small number of Pioneer Sergeants are traditionally allowed to wear a beard when on official duty, but members of the Queen’s personal guard have reportedly never been allowed to do so. But Harry, who was captain in the Blues and Royals cavalry regiment, ended his service two years ago, and therefore wasn’t bound to follow the rule anymore.

“On background I can confirm that Prince Harry is no longer a serving officer and therefore does not have to comply with any of these regulations,” a spokesman for the Ministry of Defence told MailOnline. “He is, however, a member of the Royal Family and at times his duties require him to don the uniform of a tied or associated regiment and does so with a beard, as did his great-great-grandfather before him.”

The spokesperson was referring to King George V, who was Colonel-in-Chief of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers. His grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, the Colonel-in-Chief of the Blues and Royals, was seen wiping out a tear as she watched as her son, Charles, led the ceremony. It was a role that she held for more than six decades.

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