A police officer stands guard as pro-Palestinian student protestors and activists demonstrate outside the gates of Columbia University in New York on April 30, 2024

The term of AFP Commissioner Reece Kershaw has been extended by two more years, till October 2026.

Kershaw rejoined his old role after serving as the Northern Territory police commissioner for a period.

Attorney General Mark Dreyfus made the announcement, hailing Kershaw for his impressive 30-year career in law enforcement, which included ten years as head of many law enforcement organizations, News.co.au reported.

"This is my 10th year of being a police commissioner, and while the AFP has achieved extraordinary results, we have never been more resolute in entrenching those outcomes to help keep Australians safe and protect Australia's interests,'' Mr Kershaw said.

"Commissioner Kershaw has made an extraordinary contribution to our community with a policing career spanning more than 30 years," said Dreyfus.

Having joined the AFP in October 2019, Kershaw has a plethora of expertise and a strong dedication to upholding Australia's security and interests.

"His contribution to law enforcement in Australia reflects the highest standards of the AFP values of integrity, commitment, excellence, accountability, fairness, trust and respect."

After joining as a constable in 1988, Kershaw worked his way to the top by showcasing his skills as an astute investigator. He was hailed by Dreyfus for showing consistent dedication to combatting organized crime and maintaining public safety.

He was promoted to Commander and now oversees crucial operations thanks to his leadership skills. 2011 saw Kershaw go to the Northern Territory Police Force, where he held key positions before becoming the Commissioner of Police and Chief Executive Officer. Kershaw's distinctions include the Australian Police Medal in addition to his professional accomplishments, which speak to his unrelenting dedication to excellence in law enforcement.

Over $45 billion in narcotics seizures took place during Kershaw's tenure at the AFP. An important part of Operation Ironside, a global sting operation that used encrypted software that was hacked to penetrate criminal networks, was played by the AFP (ANOM). This clandestine operation aided in the surveillance of law enforcement, resulting in significant global drug seizures and arrests.