‘Red’ Tour Australia December 2013: Taylor Swift’s Top 3 Moments [VIDEO]

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Country-rock singer, Taylor Swift maybe earning a lot of criticisms for her choices of men and having inked them in her songs like no other. However, the 24-year old crooner has showed why fans adore her in her "Red" tour show in Australia.

Here are the top three Taylor Swift moments during her "Red" Tour in Australia in December 2013.

Meeting Southern Fans in Auckland Two young female fans from Invercargill have been invited to meet Taylor Swift during her "Red" Tour. The girls travelled to Auckland to make their dreams come true.

Brydie Morton, 8 and Charlotte McKenzie, 13 were accompanied by aunt Kerri Anne McKenzie as they made their way to meet the country singer.

''I drew her some pictures and told her I was her biggest fan, and was travelling from one end of the country to the other to go to her concert,'' said Brydie, according to Stuff.co.nz.

Brydie’s mom recalled receiving an email from Swift’s management team informing her of backstage passes to meet the singer.

''We didn't tell the girls, because we didn't know exactly what it meant, and didn't want them to be disappointed,'' added Brydie’s mom. "Turns out the girls got to meet Swift backstage.”

The young girls described meeting Taylor “swiftly” with just a minute to chat and take picture backstage. But they never forgot Swift’s promise to put on a good show because they travelled all the way to Auckland.

Stage Collapsed and Fans Offered Refund in Brisbane A part of the stage at Suncorp Stadium for Taylor Swift Red Tour collapsed on Dec. 7, 2013, forcing the concert organizers to move the members of the audience who were affected in the incident.

theMusic Australia reported that the minor collapse hit the most expensive section of the audience. The high-paying fans were reportedly moved from their “prime” seats.

Staff of theMusic who watched the show described the platform as “bouncing significantly before giving way.”

“The floor was bouncing like a trampoline, then apparently a section broke so they cleared the area out,” quoted theMusic staff in the report. “It was raised less than a metre above the field.”

The relocated fans were not happy at the incident as they came paying for the best seat in the house.

“We were thrown into the middle of the aisles of the stadium, only so often catching a glimpse of Taylor,” quoted a fan on the official Facebook page of the Suncorp Stadium. The fan added, “We missed out on numerous songs due to being moved all around the stadium.

The unsatisfied also noted being “mistreated” at the event.

They lamented, “The way security treated us was absolutely unacceptable and degrading. Standing in front of us whilst we were trying to watch the show, being physically pushed and yelled at, being shoved around the whole stadium…”

Disappointed fans were offered refund however, following the minor collapse. The concert promoter, Frontier Touring vowed to “duly compensate” the audience affected by the collapse, the company said in a statement.

"On Saturday night, an issue with staging at Taylor Swift's Brisbane Suncorp Stadium concert required the relocation of patrons from a small area around the stage for safety reasons," said the company in a statement, according to theMusic.

The statement continues, "This affected less than 1% of the fans in attendance, and they were moved within the venue. Safety of Taylor's fans is considered paramount, and once all fans’ safety was ensured, the show continued."

Those who want to avail of the refund are advised to contact Ticketek on 132849.

Handing a Young Fan her Hat in Perth Taylor Swift made another young fan happy when she handed her a tribly hat as she emerged at Perth’s NIB stadium.

"Why hi Perth, welcome to the Red tour," quoted Swift as she addressed the crowd, by Perthnow.

This is not the first time Taylor was in Perth and she made sure the fans knew how she enjoyed performing in the city. "We've been to Perth before and you were such an amazing, out of your minds crowd that we just had to come back to see you. I've missed you terribly," added Swift.

Swift’s Red Tour in Perth also saw great production, with stunning visuals, bands with seven members and 15 dancers who completed the show.

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