Red Dead Redemption 2
"Red Dead Redemption 2" is scheduled for release sometime after September 2017. YouTube/Rockstar Games

The Electronic Entertainment Expo 2017 is days away, and a lot of developers and publishers are getting ready to unveil their new titles. Could "Red Dead Redemption 2" be one of them?

Looking at the schedule revealed by GameSpot from a previous post, Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar Games could pull a fast one and release an updated trailer or poster art, at the least. With no official word as of writing, seeing a possible "Red Dead Redemption 2" update is currently slim.

In a recent interview with MCV, Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick mentioned that even if they don’t have plans of showing an update on their games, they will still be around and have a corporate presence. They are likely to meet with partners, investors and the media and will most likely expect questions on "Red Dead Redemption 2" coming their way.

The last update tied up to the sequel is that it has been moved to 2018 for the PS4 and the Xbox One. Such is a practice that Take-Two and Rockstar Games have done in the past. With a long way to go, most will want to get to the bottom of the delay and where RDR2 is right now.

So far, fans have nothing to turn to outside the initial trailer, which centered on John Marston. Players already have an idea of who they will be playing as, and many are pondering on the other protagonists. In another previous post, it was suggested the RDR2 could have more protagonists – referring to the poster reveal for the sequel.

Also, there are suggestions that microtransactions will be integrated. "Grand Theft Auto 5" was singled out, with Zelnick pointing out how they were under-monetizing the per-user basis. In-game purchases are looming, and a broader explanation of why could be made by the CEO at E3.

Adding microtransactions, reportedly more than what GTA 5 has been doing, could work both ways. Some may be turned off, but all that would depend on how hardcore they are to maximize the possibilities on “Red Dead Redemption 2.” That said, it makes more sense for Zelnick to educate folks at E3 and hopefully knock some sense into them to understand the move that most believe will either make or break RDR2.