"Bully" was first released by Rockstar Games for the PlayStation 2 in 2006. Facebook/Bully

At this point, Rockstar Games has become almost synonymous with two of its most beloved games, “Red Dead Redemption” and “Grand Theft Auto,” which fans are eager awaiting sequels of. However, if the game developer has decided to work chronologically, a sequel to “Bully” will be the first to hit markets.

As NeuroGadget reports, 2K Games, which belongs under the same parent company as Rockstar Games, has confirmed work on two titles that are not “Grand Theft Auto 5.” So while the game developer is continuing the expansion of GTA V, there are other titles that are already in production.

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2K Games also shared that these two titles will generate plenty of profit for Rockstar, which has lead many to believe that it will be one of the most awaited sequels from the company. While “Grand Theft Auto 6” and “Red Dead Redemption 2” would arguably be ideal, it is somewhat unlikely.

Rockstar Games has already confirmed that it would like to work on GTA V more before releasing “Grand Theft Auto 6.” And because expansions are still planned for “Grand Theft Auto 5,” its sequel does not seem plausible at this point. “Red Dead Redemption 2,” on the other hand, still seems like a possibility. It was, after all, first released in 2010, while GTA 5 was released in 2013.

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The other title could be “Bully 2,” as the original title was released a full decade ago in 2010. Its popularity is undoubtedly less than “Red Dead Redemption” or “Grand Theft Auto,” but it would definitely make an interesting sequel.

“Bully,” which was first released for the PlayStation 2. Told in third person, players take on the role of Jimmy, who is new to Bullworth. On his first day, he meets senior Gary Smith and freshman Peter Kowalski. Jimmy also gets into a predicament with Russell, the leader of the Bullies. The story really takes flight when Jimmy decides to expand his control in Bullworth.