When "The Notebook" came out and Noah and Allie made everyone cry, people wanted Gosling and McAdams to actually have a real relationship together. The two Canadian actors didn't fail anyone as they did have a two year relationship that made everyone fall in love with them.

Gosling and McAdams were about to get engaged when they had decided to call it quits as their schedules made it hard for them to see each other on a regular basis. The world rejoiced as these two were back in the dating scene, but many wanted them together as they surely showed the world that there was true love even though they were actors.

McAdams was in a relationship with Michael Sheen and Gosling eventually got into a relationship with Eva Mendes. People didn't really talk about their relationship until rumors started to emerge that Gosling and Mendes were having problems. Mendes was said to be insecure of the fact that her boyfriend, Gosling was very much in contact with his ex-girlfriend, McAdams. It also doesn't help for Mendes to know that for Gosling, he considers Rachel McAdams to be "one of his greatest loves".

Mendes and Gosling have been denying the rumors that they have split but according to OK Magazine, Gosling is now with McAdams once again. Everyone is hoping that maybe this time the two would get engaged, get married and have wonderful little children.

You can read the full story here: Ryan Gosling & Rachel McAdams Are Fulfilling AllNotebook Fantasies & Giving Love Another Shot?!

Fans really hope that the two get back together as it seems that it is obvious they both love each other deeply. Gosling is currently working on his new movie and McAdams has a new movie that has just been released.

Why they should get back together? It's evident that they do love each other and maybe with everything in place right now for the two, they might want to have time for themselves. Just like in "The Notebook" the two would be together after being apart for sometime because they truly love each other.