The new Australian $50 banknote
The new Australian $50 banknote RBA

The new Australian $50 has been revealed. On Thursday, the Reserve Bank of Australia released the design of the new banknote, still featuring the portraits of Aboriginal inventor David Unaipon and the first female member of an Australian parliament, Edith Cowan.

Like the previously released $5 and $10 banknotes, the new $50 includes a top-to-bottom clear window, which will contain dynamic security features. It also features representations of a wattle (Acacia humifusa) — Unaipon’s ngaitji or totem — and a native bird, the black swan, which is from Cowan’s home state of Western Australia.

The dynamic features a flying swan that moves its wings when the note is tilted to the sides, a black swan that changes its feathers’ colours and the ripples on the water, a church (the Raukkan Church at Point McLeay) that has the number 50 changing directions, and a patch that has a rolling-colour effect. There is also a microprint featuring excerpts from Unaipon’s book and Cowan’s maiden parliamentary speech.

“David Unaipon and Edith Cowan were campaigners for social change and we are proud to continue featuring them on the $50 banknote. The banknote provides the opportunity to tell more of the rich story behind these distinguished Australians,” Governor Philip Lowe said.

The previous rollouts of the new $5 and $10 designs were rejected at a number of ATMs, vending machines, TAB betting terminals and supermarkets. This is what the RBA is trying to prevent with the $50 banknote. It said it is working closely with banknote equipment manufacturers and retailers to handle the new design, which is released early to ensure a smooth transition with the industry.

The existing $50 banknotes remain legal tender, as all previously issued banknotes. The RBA is expected to release a new upgraded design for the $20 next year.