Rainbow Six Siege
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Ubisoft’s “Rainbow Six Siege” is competitive team-based tactical shooter that requires a lot of skill and strategy to overcome. Like other multiplayer focused video games, “Rainbow Six Siege” is not without its fair share of cheaters looking to get ahead of the game. Luckily, the developer is taking extra steps assure that the game is free from these cheaters.

Posting on the official forum of “Rainbow Six Siege,” the developer details the new patch which is focused on enhancing anti-cheating methods among others. The PC version of the game has already received the patch for “Rainbow Six Siege” and the console version will receive it on Jan. 20.


(Live for PC and consoles, as of Jan. 13th)


  • Updated the server tick rate for console users
  • With the goal of improving positioning and shooting replication, we had deployed a first update on PC in which the player position update rate is set to 60 times per second (vs. the previous 30). After testing, we are satisfied with its state so we are now deploying this update to all consoles as well.


  • Cheating countermeasures have been improved further.
  • Banning policy update: all cheaters detected by the system will be banned permanently. No more three day ban for first offense.


  • Added a configuration that allows us to turn ON an insta-kill configuration for Defenders that go outside their zone during the preparation phase (this behavior should not be possible, but if exploits are found, the guilty shall be punished by a swift death!)
  • We will be able to activate this functionality at any time. We will first be testing it on XB1 during the afternoon of January 13th (Montreal time). If it proves effective, we will be deploying this on all platforms later that day.


(Live for PC on Jan. 13th, live for consoles on Jan. 20th)

  • Please be aware that this is not an exhaustive list and that we are only highlighting fixes that were done about the most commonly raised community bugs.


  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to exit their zone during the preparation phase (red wall). When transitioning from proning to standing position combined with putting up a barricade, players were able to go through walls. We believe this exploit is now solved. Please share your experience in this forum thread if you still encounter it after the patch (information we are looking for listed in opening post).


  • Partial fix of Error [2-0x00000041]. Refer to the High Priority Issues in the Known Issues post for more information.
  • Potential full fix of the loading screen freeze (smoke background). Refer to the High Priority Issues in the Known Issues post for full information.
  • Potential full fix of the failed data synchronization issue. Refer to the High Priority Issues in the Known Issues post for full information.
  • Session authentication operation requests are now using the per data center proxy instead of the Dev one.
  • Improved error tracking, for easier issue identification from our side.
  • Ranked match reconnection fixes for PC
  • Various smaller connectivity and crash fixes.

A much bigger patch is scheduled on February but Ubisoft didn’t detail what the patch will be about. It could be in preparation for the first paid expansion, Operation Black Ice which was delayed to Feb. 2 Gamespot reports.