Queen Silvia of Sweden has doled out some precious advice for her pregnant daughter and daughter-in-law by asking them to slow down. The royal mother has has spoken to Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Sofia of Sweden more than once.

Silvia explained to Victoria and Sofia that as their pregnancies develop, they need “to cut back on the pace.” “ They’re both doing splendidly well and feeling strong, but I do encourage them to slow down a bit,” said the royal mom, Swedish publication Expressen reports. She advised both the princess’ to take it easy and think about their health.

Silvia added that she was trying to get both Victoria and Sofia to slow down, People reports. The mother-of-three also advised her daughter and daughter-in-law to cut down on all the traveling. The queen also asked them to give a thought about meeting so many people, as it was winter now and there were germs circulating.

However, Victoria and Sofia have continued with their official duties despite their pregnancies. Sofia addressed the Global Child Forum at the Royal Palace of Sweden on Nov. 26 but Victoria did not attend the forum and addressed the gathering via a video link appearance, People reports.

Though it was thought that security concern was the reason Victoria did not attend the event. A royal mouthpiece had also blamed scheduling conflicts but now Silvia cleared the doubts and said that her daughter’s absence was deliberate.

The queen said at an awards ceremony in Düsseldorf, Germany that the crown princess’s family members thought that it would be better if she stayed at home. The award ceremony was organised to honour her work with children and young people.

Victoria is due to give birth in March 2016, while Sofia will follow close behind in April 2016. Victoria and her husband Prince Daniel announced their baby news in September, while Prince Carl Philip and Sofia announced their news in October.

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