Priyanka Chopra
A picture of Priyanka Chopra from "Quantico" TV series. Quantico/Facebook

33 year old Priyanka Chopra will have to celebrate her next birthday on the sets of “Quantico” Season 2. The actress has confirmed that the filming of the popular TV series begins in less than two weeks, and her birthday is just a few days after production begins.

The production of the TV series begins on July 11, Chopra (Alex Parrish) was quoted saying at a magazine launch event, India Today reports. The actress also confirmed that given the dates; she will have to spend her birthday on the set. The actress hoped someone will get her a cake to make her day special.

Chopra will be celebrating her birthday on July 18. She has already teased that her character will not be seen running too much in the next season, like she did in the first season. The TV series will start a new plot, but will keep the flashback and flash-forward format that has worked.

Executive Producer Josh Safran has teased that there will be another big terrorist attack in “Quantico” Season 2, Entertainment Weekly reports. “The event in season 2 is probably even bigger than season 1 on some level,” the producer teased.

Safran said that while the next season may seem bigger, it will also feel “rooted” when it shifts from one timeline to the other. He also teased that while the first season was inspired by Harrison Ford starrer “The Fugitive,” the next season is also inspired by another big Hollywood movie.

The producer, however, refrained from revealing which movie the next season is inspired by. “If I said it, it’ll be very clear what we’re doing, and I can’t do that,” he said.

“Quantico” Season 2 is set to return on Sept. 25. Alex will be seen working for the CIA in the next season, and life will be different for her in the new organisation when compared to the one in FBI.