In a sneak peek of “Quantico’s” episode 7 titled “Go,” FBI raids the hideout of Alex Parrish and Ryan Booth (Jake McLaughlin), Simon Asher (Tate Ellington) and Shelby Wyatt (Johanna Braddy). The people trying to keep her safe will be pushed to the limits of their loyalty.

In the teaser for episode 7 of Season 1, Alex stares out of a window and thinks of turning herself in. “Too many people I care about are getting hurt,” she says. The Indo-American trainee tries to find the twin sisters Nimah and Raina (Yasmine al Massri) to get some answers to her question but she herself is bogged down by questions after meeting them. Alex wonders who she can still trust, ABC reported. She does it with the help of Simon.

Meanwhile, in the present timeline of “Quantico,” NATs have midterm examinations time at their base. The new FBI recruits are given an explosive assignment that most of the recruits are unable to qualify; as a result they leave the prestigious academy. However, in the flash forward timeline, Alex continues to try and clear her name.

Show creator and executive producer Josh Safran dropped a huge hint while talking on EW Radio “SiriusXM 105.” “Don’t get too attached to any character … except maybe Alex,” he warned, as reported by Entertainment Weekly. He had earlier said that the identity of the terrorist will be revealed much earlier than expected, the website reported .

Safran said episode 7 is of utmost importance to the storyline, as the New Agent Trainees (NATs) expose their skeletons in the cupboard. He said the characters had to soon come out clear as these hidden details would be revealed and could somehow compromise them. The showrunner particularly pointed out Miranda Shaw’s (Aunjanue Ellis) initiative to let the NATs use herself as the target to encourage everyone to follow suit.

The previous episode of “Quantico” Season 1, titled “God,” witnessed lots of melodrama in the relationships between the NATs. The new FBI recruits got engaged in a surveillance exercise. Interestingly, the trainees paid little attention in the class that was designed to test their observation powers. Also, few trainees skipped the follow-up while no action is taken by assistant director Miranda.

“Quantico” airs at 10 p.m. on Sundays on ABC in the U.S.

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