On episode 5 of “Quantico,” titled, “Found,” the recruits will be put to the real test when they are given their first undercover assignment outside the confines of their training facility. Alex Parrish (Priyanka Chopra) and Ryan Booth (Jake McLaughlin) will also have more romantic scenes in the next episode. [Spoiler alert!]

In episode 4, Parrish was still in hiding, and the FBI had been given a shoot-to-kill order. She also struggled after discovering negative information about her late father, whom she shot in self-defence. She found out that although her father was an FBI hero, he was cruel to her mother and was a drunk. She contemplated on shooting her father and doubted her ability to protect her fellow recruits in the future. She also thought about quitting the FBI academy. However, Miranda Shaw (Aunjanue Ellis) was able to convince Alex and said that she should not doubt herself for the mistakes of her father.

The current undercover assignment would be an opportunity for Alex to determine if she is truly competent and can be trusted by other potential FBI agents, Cartermatt writes. Alex also has to consider how the press appearance may work to her advantage so she can finally set the facts straight about her involvement in the terrorist attacks.

According to the episode 5 synopsis on ABC, Alex will decide to share her side of the story and sit down for her first public interview. She will leave people wondering which side is really telling the truth.

Parrish might also consider taking a break from discovering the truth to get away from the FBI. She hopes that people will see things in her favour.

Meanwhile, a preview photo from “Found” shows Booth and Parrish getting closer during their undercover task. Aside from the two, Liam and Miranda’s past romantic relationship will also be featured in future episodes. Fans will later on discover more details about the couple’s current complicated relationship, TV Line reports.

TV Line also said that in a future episode, the NATs will go undercover at a hotel in Washington, D.C.

“Quantico” episode 5 will air on Sunday, Oct. 25, 2015 on ABC.

Watch the teaser trailer for the next episode, titled "Found," here:

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